Welcome to the home of the Steampunk Larp!

Yes, that's right - a steampunk LARP! Brilliant, you say. We agree.

Appologies that not much has been done with the system over the last year, unfortunately Ben has had to pull out of helping build the system, and we got sidetracked with a few other things (and general life).
Fear not, we're picking the game up again, and working our way through some
EPIC changes to the way we were planning things.

At some point earlier in the new year we're hoping to have a playtest of the new EPIC system.

What to expect: this is a playtest, we've focused on balencing the system, making sure abilities are not too overpowered, etc. please do not expect a full-on, detailed LARP. we will be changing rules mid game to test out different variations. Congratulations you're taking part in an experiment!!!

Click to learn about the setting.

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