All characters can buy (dis)abilities from a shared list (although some may have prerequisites). Ability purchases must be authorised by the GSM at least 24hrs before a game begins.

  • The list version of an ability is normally given in abstract terms ("unskinned"), and you are expected to justify it in a manner suited to your particular character. The final price of an ability depends on how scientifically credible and setting-appropriate the justification is, in the opinion of the GSM. This is referred to as the Magic Tax and may range from 0 to several times the unskinned cost of the ability.
    • For example, the list ability "Quick Draw" allows you to call a time freeze to transfer a weapon from any holster to your hand. You might justify this by stating that your sword is in a spring-loaded scabbard, or by stating that your sword is possessed by a guardian demon empowering it to fly into your hand on command. The magic tax on the former ability will be zero (or close to), whereas the latter will attract a large penalty.
      • Of course, if you actually have a spring-loaded scabbard, this ability is free per the First Rule.
  • Disabilities generally have a negative points cost. You may generally buy as many disabilities as you wish, unless their requirements are directly incompatible. You may not purchase a disability which overlaps with an existing disability or racial limitation.
  • Many abilities must be (indicated by a Type of "Item") or can be (almost all others, unless stated to the contrary) linked to a particular item. Items of this type are called "character items". If a character item is destroyed during a game, you cannot use the ability for the remainder of the game; however, you are considered to repair/replace the item (for free) before the next game begins. An Item type ability cannot be used without the specified phys-rep.
    • It is usually possible to purchase multiple item abilities to apply to the same actual phys-rep, or as two separate phys-reps. This must however be clearly stated on the purchase list.
  • To purchase abilities, send an email to the GSM stating your character number and giving the unskinned title(s) of the ability/abilities desired, along with your in-character skin for each ability. The GSM will respond giving the final costs of the abilities requested, after which you may specify which you wish to purchase. You may purchase abilities up to 24 hours before an event.
  • Please note that character points are non-refundable once spent.
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