Abilities/Disabilities List

This is a list of all currently available abilities and disabilities in their basic/dictionary form, with cost (exclusive of any magic tax).

"Recovery 10m" indicates that 10 minutes of rest in a non-hostile setting is required to regain the use of the ability. If you have multiple copies of one ability, you must rest for each copy separately; likewise, you cannot rest for two different abilities at once. "Recovery overnight" means that the ability is normally usable again only after a period of restful sleep (>6hrs).
It is a good idea to notify a GM when you begin to rest!

[I] indicates that an ability/disability must apply to a character item. Other abilities can be bought as character innate powers, but applying it to a suitable phys-repped character item will incur a lower magic tax.

#3 indicates the ability may be bought a maximum of 3 times. A single # means the ability may be bought an unlimited number of times. If neither is shown, the ability may be bought only once. Prerequisites are given in parentheses - e.g. (2xRage). Multiple copies are called "innates" of the ability (innate copies).


Item Composition

All abilities in this sub-section are type [I].

Ability Name Basic Cost Description
Tough 15 The item requires an unusual degree of effort to destroy - a minimum of 5 minutes' role-played vandalism.
Indestructible 80 The item can never, under normal circumstances, be destroyed. This ability requires a Catch (a circumstance in which the ability does not apply). A more specific catch will significantly increase the magic tax.
High Density -20 The item is heavier than it appears, and requires 2 Strength to lift.
Ultra High Density -20 (High Density) The item requires 3 Strength to lift.
Semi-Fragile -15 The item is destroyed by any damaging blow, explosion, or by ten seconds of role-played vandalism.
Fragile -15 (Semi-Fragile) The item is destroyed by any deliberate blow, explosion, if dropped on a hard surface from at least 1' up, or by any act of role-played vandalism.


Martial abilities directly influence combat.

Ability Name Basic Cost Description
Arise 10 # Call time freeze to rise into a standing position from sitting or prone. Recovery 15min.
Black Rage 50 (2xRage) Call to increase all weapon damage by one further point for 5 minutes. During the black rage, you may not leave combat while moving targets are still visible. You cannot distinguish friend from foe. Recovery overnight.
Dodge 20 Call within 2 seconds of taking a physical blow to ignore all damage caused by that blow. Recovery 15m.
Mighty Blow 15 #4 Inflict +3 damage on a single blow. This is expended even if the blow misses! Recovery 30m.
Quick Draw 10 #3 Call time freeze to draw a weapon from its holster/scabbard. Recovery 30m.
Rage 20 #3 Call to increase all weapon damage by one point for 5 minutes. During the rage, you may not leave combat while hostile opponents are still visible. Recovery 30m.


Ability Name Basic Cost Description
Quick Move 25 # Call a time freeze and move up to five steps in any straight line. Recovery 15min.
Evasive Manoeuvre 10 (Quick Move) # May move up to three further steps on a different line after ending a Quick Move. Recovery 30min.
Gammy [limb] -40 (Arm), -50 (Leg) #2,2 One arm or leg may be used only for very light, non-combat tasks and can only bear the character's weight with phys-repped mechanical assistance (crutches, wheelchair, etc.)
Missing [limb] -60 (Arm), -70 (Leg) #2,2 One arm or leg is entirely missing. Convincing costume is mandatory. You may not claim this disability if using a prosthetic limb in place of the missing one!


Ability Name Basic Cost Description
Her Majesty's Service 20-100 the character is a factor of the British Government and can issue reasonable orders (depending on the status claimed - note variable cost) to some civil servants, and possibly police or even Royal Forces. Requires phys-repped ID to invoke.


Ability Name Basic Cost Description
Backstab 30 (Sneak) Inflict double normal damage from behind versus an opponent who is not aware of your location due to Sneaking. Recovery 30min.
Assassinate 80 (Backstab) Inflict quadruple damage, instead of double, on a successful backstab. Recovery overnight.
Linger 10 (Sneak) # Upgrades a Sneak innate to 15 minutes' maximum duration.
Sneak 20 # Raise one hand. You are invisible to normal vision until you move or make any loud noise, up to a maximum of five minutes. No effect on any target who could see you at the time of activation. Recovery 5m.
Wallfly 40 (Sneak) Upgrades a Sneak innate to no maximum duration. Recovery 1hr.
Invisible, Invisible 60 (Sneak) Upgrades a Sneak innate to allow half speed walking and slow hand movement. Recovery 1hr.

Other Disabilities

Disabilities have a negative points cost (exclusive of magic tax) but are otherwise similar to abilities. Some are listed above, some separately here.

Ability Name Basic Cost Description
Furious -60 You have little control over your temper, and are prone to reacting violently to the slightest insult. In combat, you may not disengage while hostile opponents are present.
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