Ability Types

Abilities are typically classified into one of several types, depending on their nature. Characters with exceptionally low or high Strength or Intelligence receive a penalty or bonus on purchasing certain skill types, or may be entirely unable to acquire skills of a particular type.

Common skill types and implications thereof:

  • Intellectual abilities involve memorising, recalling, and manipulating information. Law, medicine, and many types of scientific research fall into this bracket.
  • Martial abilities are those directly employed in combat, including powerful special attacks and defenses.
  • Mesmeric abilities utilise the discipline of Mesmerism to alter the target's mental state. Mesmeric skills do not affect Automata unless specifically purchased for this purpose, in which case the tag Cellular Automata is applied. A "CA" skill does not affect any race other than Automata, but such skills are otherwise identical to their original form.
  • Social abilities relate to the character's upbringing, connections to persons of note, and so forth.
  • Technical abilities involve the use of specific tools and knowledge to build, repair, or modify machinery, up to and including Automata.
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