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We need to get together and do some more of this.

Hey guys - here is a dump ground for things we need to talk about - Jon
Can we also put in here when we have made changes to the wiki, so that the other two know what to look at to keep updated. We can delete the list of changes after our meetings. Chris

Firstly this larp is METRIC - non negotiable! (sulk) - Jon (please?)
This larp really should be Imperial, as discussed. Why would Britain change it's own system to fit in with the frog system? - Chris

Ben, not sure about having mental damage a hypnotist can't kill it's all illusion

Have put a load of stuff up about the AI Nation
Changes to the Timeline
AI Nation
(includes history, factions and some notable individuals)
Have a look at the timeline and see if you agree, dates are flexible, have made a reasonable timescale (I think). Chris

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