Automata are basically clockwork robots. It takes a lot of cogs to make an artificial intelligence! Somewhere many miles away there is a huge warehouse holding acres of mechanical computing devices, and a small army of engineers tending them.

All this to create the mind that controls the automata by means of aetheric transmissions, and the automaton’s body is nothing without them. It is very heavy, as it is made of metal!

Starting Abilities:

  • 2(3) Strength Melee damage strength (2), other abilities (3)
  • 20 HP
  • 4 Intelligence
  • Data Stream: May always know what is going on in the outside world due to data input at the brain warehouse. This ability does not include detective services and never conveys non-public information, but may be invoked at any time with 1 minute's preparation (during which time the automaton may take no other action) and a 5-minute delay while the information is retrieved. (Make this purchasable?)
  • Damage to the body does not affect the brain. Automata can purchase the Spare Chassis ability, allowing them to replace their body (a new one arrives from off-site) after an interval of time, should it be damaged beyond repair.
  • Immune to Biological damage and effects, and usually immune to Mental damage and effects (except abilities using Cellular Automata).


  • Connection to the brain may drop out due to electromagnetic interference (ref's discretion). If this occurs, the character is considered to be unconscious until the connection is restored.
  • Electrical sources deal +1 point of damage to Automata, and also automatically inflict a 5-second halt.
  • Must move 'robotically' and unevenly due to slow, clockwork muscles. Maximum walking speed is one-half normal.
  • Must have appropriate robot costume, including makeup / face covering (see below).
  • Must phys-rep ticking, loudly enough to be heard from 5 feet away. You are clockwork, after all! An automaton which ceases to tick is paralysed.
  • Weighs about 1 tonne. An automaton which cannot move under its own power for any reason can be moved only with enough manpower to lift 3 Heavy objects.
  • Automata begin with only 50CP to spend, rather than 100.

Default Phys-rep Requirements:
You must look convincingly like a clockwork robot! This minimally means that at least 50% of your body must (appear to) be covered in metal, and no visible skin tones or hair are permitted anywhere on the body.

Mesmerism can still affect Automata, but it is necessary to re-program them with malicious Cellular Automata (by flashing lights at them). Any Mesmeric ability may be separately purchased in this form in addition to the standard one, normally for the same price (specify "Cellular Automata" with the ability title when purchasing), but its use requires an appropriate phys-rep and does not affect any race other than Automata.

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