Changes To The Timeline

Here is a brief summary of some of the differences in the timelines of our "Real" world and the Steampunk-Larp world.

Blight spreads across Ireland and destroys the potato crop on which the populace depended. In response to this, the British government halt the export of foodstuffs from Ireland and begin to ship much needed relief food to Ireland. While food shortages apply, no one dies of starvation. This act goes a long way to healing the rift between England and Ireland. Ireland eventually recovers and becomes an essential and much loved part of the British Empire. Eventually, in 1922 the very popular Michael Collins the MP for Armagh as part of a collation government was elected to the office of Prime Minister with her Majesty's blessing.

1856 The Sevastapol Incident
As a result of The Sevastapol Incident major governments largely turned away from the use of firearms in military conflict.
This has largely eliminated the use of firearms on a large scale - especially those larger than man portable, such as cannons. Private individuals still use firearms, but firearm technology does not develop to the same extent. The development of Gausian Shelds futher limit large scale firearm effectiveness.

1911 Revolution sweeps China. The last Quing Emperor appeals for aid suppressing the troubles. Queen Victoria sends several regiments of troops in exchange for social and economic reformation to enhance the lives of the poor. The revolutionaries are pushed into the north of the country. A princess of the Imperial Household is married into the British Royal Family and Queen Victoria is declared to be ‘Cousin and blessed by the Gods’ by the Emperor.

1917 Bolshevik Revolution occurs in Russia. Tsar Nicholas II appeals to Britain for assistance. Tsar Nicholas II appeals to Queen Victoria for assistance. With British help, the Bolsheviks are defeated and pushed eastwards. A parliamentary democracy similar to England’s is instituted. Food supplies increase.

1918 Chinese and Russian revolutionaries combine under the leadership of Vladimir Lenin. A new communist state arises across the Mongolian steps, what was northern China and parts of Siberia. This new country opens it's boarders to refugees and the poor and millions migrate to the new worker's paradise in hope for a better life.

1919 In part to counter what is seen as the British Empire’s interference in Russia and China, and to attempt to offset the increasing political, military and economic superiority of the British Empire (at this time, excluding the AI Nation the British Empire accounts for half the world’s GDP) - many of the major countries form a political unit for dealing with the affairs between countries. The League of Nations is born.

1934 Largely due to Australia’s lax immigration policy over a quarter of a million communists form a community in the outback. To outrage in government by the end of the year they vote to cede from the British Empire and become an extension of the United Communist States. Under intense pressure from the League of Nations, the British Empire is forced to accept. However, the government closes the boarder (but anyone willing to leave the country may do so) and begins a slow stranglehold on the breakaway community. The Australian Communist Party remains resolute but tensions build.

AI TIMELINE (see also AI Nation)
1825 Charles Babbage completes the prototype difference engine. He impresses several notable British individuals within government, and massive funding is secured to fund the development of his designs.

1840 The first large scale Analytical Array is constructed based on Charles Babbage’s designs begins construction beneath London.

1852 The Great Library of Alexandria begins the work transferring all of their recorded knowledge into the Analytical Array they have been building.

1855 The Imperial Array of London surpasses the design requirements of it’s builders and is soon running Analysis for much of the Empire.

c1857 The London and Great Library arrays start using self generated designs for the next stage of development.

c1864 About this time the first AI start to gain sentience.

26 Dec 1869 The first two AI sentience’s declare themselves to humanity on Charles Babbage’s birthday.

1871 Lord Charles Babbage dies. His dying wish that the AIs be recognised as sentient individuals with appropriate rights and granted sovereign status to pursue their own development is granted and a Parliament of the AI nation occurs.

1872 Massive construction on an Array to house the AI nation starts in an otherwise unoccupied section of xxxxx. One of the conditions of granting them their own nation is that they write limiters for the great Arrays so that Pseudo-AI (PI) will continue the function of their generators while not being able to gain full sentience.

1891 The Array housing the AI Nation goes into full operation. The First Iteration of the AI Nation occurs.
1892 Large parts of the AI nation shuts down for 3 weeks while upgrading occurs. The AIs take this opportunity to re-write sections of themselves. Subsequently the Second Iteration of the AI Nation starts.

1901 The first humanoid robotic bodies of AI controlled by Etheric transmissions are seen outside the AI Nation, capable of interacting with humans.

1904 The first human sect worshiping AI as Cog Souled occur.

1924 Purging of The Fleshed.

1937 The 57th Iteration of the AI Nation starts. Exact current population unknown but known to be in excess of 2,000

The choir

Wherever a new invention, way of thought, or other advancement is made, there are rumours of The choir

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