Children Of Lamarck

PLAYABLE RACE: Children Of Lamarck

In the gameworld the abandoned theory of lamarckism works instead of evolution. If you surgically alter the parents, eventually their children will be born with the surgical enhancement.

The children of Lamarck are the products of such lamarckian experimentation, but of course, sometimes it can go very wrong.

This is a VERY wide race class, no two Children Of Lamarck will ever be the same, some may be like Frankenstein's Monster, or may be almost indistinguishable from standard humans.

Starting Abilities:

  • 2 Strength
  • 20 HP
  • 2 Intelligence
  • Children of Lamarck begin with an additional 50CP (150 total) to spend. Abilities purchased with these additional points must have an appropriately Lamarckian skin.


  • Requires Phys-reps that cannot be changed that show what has been done surgically to create the abilities you have.

Default Phys-rep Requirements:

have excellent make-up / phys-reps to show their starting abilities.

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