Chronophagic Technology

Basic Skin

The chronophage is a small insect that lives in the marshlands of East Anglia. It has evolved the very strange ability to manipulate time to its own advantage. The chronophage can only affect time intervals of up to 15 minutes (this is a hard limit!), and rarely affects time for more than 5 minutes.

A Chronophagic Practitioner will have a live captive chronophage in a box, with some additional machinery that will allow them to stimulate its behaviour to manipulate time in predictable ways.

Mandatory phys-reps:

Chronophage box: This phys-rep must look like it could contain the insect inside it and must be quite large, e.g. a backpack or suitcase, rather than a hand-held device.

Costume Suggestion
Mad scientist

If the chronophage phys-rep is lost, all time-travel abilities are lost until the phys-rep is found again.

Cautionary Note: If two Chronophagic effects are used simultaneously, e.g. a haste within a time loop, the consequences are entirely at the ref's discretion (but are rarely good). At the very least, expect weird and unusual side-effects. As a consequence of this fact, Chronophagic Practitioners virtually never travel in groups, and normally avoid direct conflicts with one another (even to the point of abandoning their allies to avoid a confrontation).


Chronophagic Practitioners receive the following abilities for free (see full list for descriptions):

  • Captive Chronophage
  • Detect Chronophage
  • 1 of: Time Loop, Time Enough, or 2x Temporal Isolation
  • 2 of: Haste, Slow, Haste Region, Slow Region (two copies of one ability are permitted)

The Chronophagic Practitioner discipline costs 100CP. It may not be purchased by any character with Intelligence less than 2.

Note that Chronophagic Practitioners do not receive a cost reduction on their abilities; the discipline is too esoteric.

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