Damage Types

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Different types of weapons and effects will do different types of damage.
Below is a list of some of the damage calls and any associated effects

All damage uness otherwise called is assumed to be purely physical and has no other effect.

Electrical damage, mainly caused by Teslamological effects. Shock does body damage regardless of where it hits. It also causes a one second interruption of activity in beings with a nervous system (must be roleplayed). It prevents physical action though not sufficient to break concentration or verbals (does delay them though).

Armour and shields may not be applied to Through damage and does body damage regardless of where it hits. However Gaussian shields may be applied.

Penetrating damage ignores Gaussian shields. It is also Through damage.

Acid damage is also Through, however shields may be used to block it. If sucessfully thrown in the face of a being with eyes, it will additionally cause blindness (30 seconds for weak acid, 5 min for strong acid)

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