A Disbenefit is a type of ability that allows your character to do less.

Brute - Has a significantly low IQ
1/2 speed - For whatever reason, cannot move faster than a walking pace
weak - May never use any strength
disfigured - Rememberable by anyone, and may be described to anyone else very easily.
mute - cannot speak
Cad - the first level of criminality. Police are looking for you
french - no-one will trust you
addict - you are addicted to a substance and if you do not recieve your substance you
uncoordinated - you do not gain additional grades of damage from strength
pacifist - you may not knowingly harm anyone
technophobe - for whatever reason, you cannot/will not use technology

Possible effects…
Straight up XP for buying it
Small amount of XP per each dungeon
increase in the XP cap of each dungeon
may buy something you could not normally buy

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