Although most characters in the setting are able to use technical items, followers of the Engineering discipline are particularly adept in their use and creation.

Engineers have the following abilities at all times:

  • Knowlege of Engineering you may open any note attached to any in-game object marked 'Engineer'
  • Discern Mechanism (ask the ref for basic infomation about something)
  • Assess Automaton (this tells you how many HP the Automaton has lost
  • With 5 minutes of tinkering with actual tools, may allow an Automaton to regain 1HP

Epic Moment powered abilities

xEM any other non-chronophage ability that costs less than 4EP may be bought at double the cost (must be written on character sheet which one) and now has a phys-rep requirement, eg Jump boots, may salmon leap in any direction

1EM Heal automaton (last 10 HP only) (requires Knowlege: Automaton)

  • Dependant: 1 EM May heroically bodge together an Automaton, and allow them to regain their last 10 HP (usable once per Automaton, until they are fully repaired)

1 EM break simple mechanism

2 EM fix simple mechanism

x EM fix/break complex mechanism (ref discretion)

X+2EM May

1EM Extra Knowlege, may ask the Ref a direct question about a mechanism, and get AN answer. The ref may not lie, but may not give you the whole answer to the problem.
eg. You ask how to get into a locked box, the ref tells you that you remember seeing one just like it previously, slightly melted by acid

2EM Create a melee weapon that does +1 damage for 5 minutes, or until end of fight. (After which it breaks)

4EM May heroically speed up any engineering task by 50%

10x EM Mcgyver After 5 minutes of EXCELLENT roleplay, may create a device that does any standard EM powered skill, from anywhere in the game system, for ten times as many Epic moments as that skill would normally require. Ref's discression, notify ref before starting roleplay.



Engineers receive the following abilities for free (see full list for details):

  • Assess Automaton
  • Discern Mechanism
  • Up to 30CP (at base cost) worth of Technical or Item abilities.

Engineers receive a 25% cost reduction on any ability embodied in a phys-repped item.

The Engineering discipline costs 50CP. It may not be purchased by any character with 0 Intelligence.

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