The pharmacist is a purvayor of a multitude of potions, powders and philters. Some have a permanent shop, others travel about and become adventurers.
A Pharmacist is always recognisable by their trademark apron (must be phys-repped).
Pharmacists have knowledge of a wide variety of useful compounds and the way some of these can be used on the human body (to heal and harm).
A selection of useful compounts that the Pharmacist pre-prepares and carries around with them is known as their Stock. Occasionally supplies may be found in-game that will allow a Pharmacist (with time) to replenish some of their stock.

Starting Knowledge - Chemistry
Starting Skill - Descern the Prominent Humor (5 seconds of close visual inspection of the target gives which of the four Vital Humors is ascendant)
Starting Skill - Realign the Vital Humor

Sample Stock recepies (may be bought as abilities)
Smelling Salts 1/day Instantly revives a person from unconcious.
Lumenescent Tubes 4/day A tube that carries a lumenscent compound emmitting a weak light for approx 4 hours (Glowsticks)
Weak Acid 1/day A weak acid that can also be thrown as a weapon (may cause blindness if thrown in face).
Stron Acid 1/day A strong acid that can also be thrown as a weapon (may cause blindness if thrown in face)
Smoke Bomb 1/day Obscures all sight in 5m radius for 5 min (less if windy)

Additional applications of Realign the Vital Humor 1/day (will be priced in such a way that cheapest is to have equal numbers of each)

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