Game Ethos

The ethos behind this game is very simple. We want to take the very best from all of the game systems we have played in, to create the kind of game we would want to play.

Additionally, this is a SCIENCE based Larp, with no Magic, Spirits, Gods or supernatural effects. Realistically the science does sometimes veer off into interesting corners, that is more fantasy than hard science, but that's mainly done to give you interesting abilities and character options. Lets face it, a realistic Larp about post-doctoral researchers would be boring!

We love Steampunk, even though no-one seems to know what it is. We've decided that even if it's not defined, we can all point to things that are Steampunk-y and have tried to include them in the game. If we've failed, and there is something you want (or don't want) then that's fine, because of…

Skin. Skins, Skins, Skins. This is our main new idea. In so many Larps you may want to play a type of character but can't because it is not allowed. Even though the abilities are there in the rule-books it's forbidden to change the reasons for having these super-powers. The classic example of this was a larp where one of us found we could not wear a fir jerkin over the top of chain-mail, but had to wear it underneath to make sure it counted as armour. We at the Steampunk Larp want you to be able to modify your character as MUCH as you wish, within the very broad basic structure of the game, to allow you to have as much fun as possible. And anything you DO modify will become part of the game system for all future players

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