There is almost always a role-play, or other penalty for restoring hit points. Here are some of the ways that healing can occur:

Realign Vital Humor
Scientific investigation has proven to some extent the medieval view that there are four Vital Humors (fluids) in the body that regulate health and mood.
The Four Humors are:
Sanguine (pleasure-seeking and sociable)
Choleric (ambitious and leader-like)
Melancholic (introverted and thoughtful)
Phlegmatic (relaxed and quiet)
Due to the application of Realign Vital Humor which will heal 25% of the characters lost HP, the recipient will experience a surge in the appropriate humor for 15 minutes which will result in an intense feeling which must be roleplayed.

Surge of Sanguine - The character will have strong feelings of affection and love for everyone around him and may be delighted by beauty. The character will defend themselves if attacked, but will not seek to initiate combat.

Surge of Melancholic - The character will become intensely angry. While they will not attack party members in berserk rage, they will be much more ready to argue, quarrel and more likely to attack if shown hostility by people they don't know.

Surge of Chloric - The character will feel an intense urge to achieve perfection in something. Where their attention lies, they will attempt to achieve perfection. This may result in distracted, OCD like behaviour and will only be diverted from their goal with the greatest of means.

Surge of Phlegm - The character will become very apathetic and will not want to do anything.

A surge of Humor may be lessened by the application of a further Realign Vital Humor. In this case the character would feel a lessened surge of multiple humors. If all four humors are realigned, then there is no roleplay and the character continues as normal.

If the realignments do not occur at the same time, then care must be taken to roleplay the different phases as different surges of humor fade in the body.

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