Health & Healing


A player has a certain number of hit points. When they are hit on the head or torso, eg with 'Double', the player removes that number of hit points. This may be modified by armour.

If a player is hit on their arms or legs, then hollywood rules apply, phys-rep the injury for the next 5 minutes, and then shake it off. If a player is not seen to be acting out their injuries, the Ref will make that player take the damage with hit-points.

To regain HP a player must be healed.

0 HP Dead
1-5 HP Unconcious
5-10HP Walking wounded. May not use strength, melee weapons, 1/2 speed
10-30HP May not use strength
30-70 HP Normal
70-90 HP +1 grade of strength
90-110 HP +2 grades of strenth

Etc.. Etc…

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