[We decided that a science based LARP does not have a means of objectively determining good or evil, therefore we decided to include]

Medieval science and philosophy considered there to be four vital fluids, or Humors in the body that controlled health and mood (this has been shown to be wrong in our world).

Upon character creation, you must choose which of the four Humors is predominant in the character. While this does not preclude any role-playing of the other four Humors, it shows which personality archetype the character is closest to.

The four Vital Humors and their associated personality archetypes are:

Pleasure-seeking and sociable, can also be sensitive, compassionate and romantic. They are talkative, confident and optimistic

Fundementally ambitious and leader-like, filled with agression, ambition, passion and have a tendancy to take charge.

Introverted and thoughtful. Pondering and considerate they can become preoccupied.

Relaxed and quiet, accepting and affectionate. Relaxed, calm, rational, curious, observant but can also be passive-agressive

The ability Determine the predominant Humor will give an answer to which of the four character archetypes the target of the ability is closest to.

Sometimes, such as with the ability realign-vital-humor an associated mood swing will occure - see Health section for details.

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