Ice Viking

PLAYABLE RACE: Ice Viking (Vinlander)

Ice Vikings (Vinlanders) are descended from the Greenland Vikings, who gradually moved further and further north. Due to Lamarckism they have gained a tremendous ability to withstand the cold. They are very strong 'barbarian' warriors, but have normal intelligence.

Starting Abilities:


  • Must wear a 'cooling hat' at all times or they will overheat under normal temperatures. (This is basically a steampunk viking helmet, eg with cooling fin horns, that must always be worn.) If the hat is taken off at any time, the Vinlander has 5 minutes until they perish from heat exhaustion, if active, 10 minutes if completely still. (other cooling, eg, a well done 'cooling jacket' may also at GSM's discretion, also be allowed)
  • Vinlanders begin with 50CP to spend, rather than 100.

Default Phys-rep Requirements:

*Steam-punk Viking helmet

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