GAME CONCEPT: Intelligence

Intelligence reflects a character's ability to process information.

0 Intelligence: A Brutish level of intelligence

  • You have difficulty forming full sentences and understanding complex ideas. Characters with 0 Intelligence cannot learn any skill tagged as Intellectual.
  • You take an additional +1 damage from any Mental source due to your weak brain.

1 Intelligence: A 'bottom of the bell curve' human. Troglodytes begin with 1 Intelligence.

  • Characters with 1 Intelligence must pay an additional 25% to purchase Intellectual skills.

2 Intelligence: Typical human beings of around 100 IQ. Children of Lamarck and Ice Vikings also begin with 2 Intelligence.

3 Intelligence: A well-educated university graduate or equivalent

  • Characters with 3 or more Intelligence receive a 25% cost reduction on Intellectual skills.

4 Intelligence: Genius-level intelligence. Automatons begin with 4 Intelligence.

  • Once per hour, you may ask the GM for a one-sentence clue regarding any question of interest. The GM's answer must be truthful (ceteris paribus) but not of course necessarily exhaustive.

5 Intelligence: Superhuman intelligence

  • Einstein and Carol Vorderman rolled into one. In addition to the I4 ability, you receive a 50% cost reduction on Intellectual skills.
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