Introduction To The Gameworld

There are numerous differences between this world and our own…

Welcome to 1937, a few months before the historic 100th year of Queen Victoria's reign, and the Jubilee celebration is eagerly anticipated by most of her subjects, even if she hasn't been seen in public for 30 years, and there are strange rumours of robotic implants and that she can no longer leave the throne…

There is threat to her reign, George V is a guerilla warfare activist, unhappy at the prospect of being the eternal heir apparent, as his father is, the would-be Edward VII.

Science has moved on apace, but is different to in our world, effectively anything discovered in the 20th century does not exist, there is no nuclear power, the atom is indivisible. Evolution follows Lamarckian rather than Darwinian lines. Steam-power is king and the only internal combustion engines are rare and clunky things.

Various sciences have blossomed, however! The discovery of the remarkable Chronophage insect has worked wonders to the science of time-travel, and electrical technologies are very advanced, but in a somewhat different way to our own.
The AI Nation lives in massive mechanical computers and control humanoid Automaton to interact with other races.

The world is balanced between the might of Great Britain and the rest of the world represented by the League of Nations on the other. The AI Nation acts for it’s own subtle ends, often playing one side off against the other, while being divided in a theological argument over the nature of the AI soul.

Despite rapidly expanding technological horizons, or because of it, the peace that Great Britain enjoys in only shallow. Division wracks the great nation. Rebellion stalks it’s quiet streets. As the standard of living increases and everyone gets richer, social classes blur and there is a call for a new scientific meritocracy to arise.

Social and political clashes abound. The world is jealous of Great Britain’s economic and technological superiority. Constant vigilance is all that stops espionage and Sabotage by Britannia’s foes, and maybe by some of her friends.

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