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Mesmerism is the ability to hypnotise (a later term, that does not exist in the game) people to do and believe things. Think Svengali or Derren Brown!

The use of any mesmeric ability requires eye contact unless otherwise stated, and is normally limited to a range of 30'.

May not be an Automaton, must have at least 2 Intelligence.

Mandatory phys-reps:
None required, but a light is required to mesmerise an automaton.

Costume suggestion
Stage magician with evening suit

Mesmerism relies on the subject being willing to accept the mesmerist's presence as a non-threatening figure; a mesmerist's powers do not function while they are carrying any visible weapon or dangerous-looking (ref's discretion) contraption. Some mesmerists do carry a concealed dagger or similar for self-defence in extremis, but even this is uncommon.


Mesmerists receive the following abilities for free (see full list for descriptions):

  • Discern Mesmeric Influence
  • Discern Mesmerist
  • 2x Mesmeric Suggestion
  • 1 from Mesmeric Greater Suggestion (upgrades an existing Mesmeric Suggestion), Vanish, or 2x Sleight of Hand

Mesmerists receive a 25% cost reduction on Mesmeric abilities.

The Mesmerist discipline costs 75CP. It may not be purchased by any character with less than 2 Intelligence.


  • Mesmeric abilities do not normally work on automata. However, you may for the same price purchase any Mesmeric ability in an alternate form which specifically does effect automata (but not any other race); this requires the use of a flashing light to input malicious "cellular automata" that otherwise function identically to the normal power. (Specify this at the time of purchase, e.g. "Cellular Automata: Mesmeric Suggestion".)
  • There are no actual spirits or similarly supernatural forces in this setting! While the mesmerist may believe (or at least claim) they are calling upon spirits in the use of certain powers, this is a misconception.
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