Basic Skin
The pharmacist is a purveyor of a multitude of potions, powders and philtres. Some have a permanent shop, others travel about and become adventurers.

Must have at least 3 Intelligence

Mandatory phys-reps:
All substances must be adequately phys-repped. Any substance intended for ingestion must actually be ingestible; water with food colouring is preferred.

Victorian dispensing chemist


Pharmacists may use only a single dagger or other one-handed weapon appropriate to their trade, such as a metal ladle, heavy rolling pin etc.


Pharmacists receive the following abilities for free (see the full list for descriptions):

  • Knowledge of Chemistry


Abilities List:

Knowledge of Chemistry (At will)
May ask the ref for relevant information about a chemical in the system. Ref may volunteer information if it is common in-game chemical knowlege the character should know.

Discern the Prominent Humor (At will)
5 seconds of close visual inspection of the target gives which of the four Vital Humors is ascendant

Realign vital humor Only a Character with this skill may use the Stock - Realign the Vital Humor.

See realign vital humor for details.

Smelling Salts
Instantly revives a person from unconscious. This does not affect their health, merely wakes them.

Weak Acid
A vial of weak acid, may be used for tasks, alternatively thrown as a weapon to do 3 points of acid damage.

Strong Acid
A vial of strong acid, may be used for tasks, alternatively thrown as a weapon to do 10 points of acid damage.

Smoke Bomb
Obscures all sight in 5m radius for 5 min (less if windy)

Realign the Sanguine Humor
Heals 25% health lost. Causes Surge of Sanguine, negates surge of Chloric

Realign the Chloric Humor
Heals 25% health lost. Causes Surge of Chloric, negates surge of Phelm

Realign the Phlematic Humor
Heals 25% health lost. Causes Surge of Phlem, negates surge of Melancholic

Realign the Melancholic Humor
Heals 25% health lost. Causes Surge of Melancholic, negates Surge of Sanguine

Additional applications of Realign the XXX Humor will be priced in such that the cheapest option is to have equal numbers of each, such as x times the number of that humor you have previously.)

Other suggested Pharmacist Stock
Items with Keyword (Dust) may throw/blow into targets face (range 1m from hand or 3m if blown from a pipe), this is obvious or can be covertly introduced into liquids or foods consumed for the same effect.


Dust of Sanguine (Dust) – suffer a Surge of Sanguine (get all lovey) for 5 mins.
Dust of Melancholic (Dust)– suffer a surge of Melancholic (enrage ability) for 5 min
Dust of Chloric (Dust)– suffer Surge of Chloric (get completely focused on one thing and can’t be distracted)
Dust of Phlem (Dust) – suffer a Surge of Phlem (Become very apathetic and not want to do anything). For 5 min

Soporific Musk (Dust) – target will feel sleepy and after 30 seconds, target will fall asleep. Aggressive behaviour and loud noises will prevent this. This is a natural sleep and can be woken in any normal way.

Powder of Ibn Ghazi (Dust) - target hallucinates all humaniods as having squid-like heads with a tenticle mouth. They will flee in terror from all humanoids for 15 min.

Lozenge of (Dust) – A Stock with the keyword (Dust) may be held within a pill form, bitten into and applied to a target covertly by breathing directly into their face.

Philter of Melancholic - +1(2) damage with Melee weapons but suffers a Surge of Melancholic (gets angry) for 5 mins
Philter of Chloric – become focused and able to ignore pain effects, fatigue, sleep etc for 15 min

Paralytic Poison – apply to a blade, the next blow has PARALYSE call in addition.

Salve of Sillicadermis – apply this cream to skin, gains +1 damage reduction (duration x)
Salve of Ferrodermis – apply this cream to skin, gains +2 damage reduction (duration x)

Lozenge of KLUH – takes 5 seconds to dissolve. The next single physical exertion they take is resolved as if they had superhuman strength (break lock, lift something, jump really far etc). The limb(s) that have been used are now knackered and can not be used for 5 mins.

Suppository of Decay – When placed within a dead body, it will accelerate decay to the point that the body is gone within 1 hour. No bones will remain.

Chronophagic Slime – when applied to an item or individual, it leaves a distinct Chronophagic marker, enabling anyone with the Skill - Discern Chronophagic Activity to track them for 12 hours.

Glass Eye – These drops, when put into a characters eyes will render them immune to mesmerist powers that use eye contact for 15 min.

Laudanum Sweet – after taking one of these, the character will go into a trance for 5 mins (they will be unresponsive, but may walk around vacantly if guided). During this they will have a vision – the GM will impart either one significant piece of information (50%), or a red herring (25%), or something completely random (25%) (unknown to character))

Cocaine – For 5 mins, the recipient can use knowleddge skills at five times the normal speed.

Neural Prophylactic - grants complete immunity to mental control and mental influence for 15 min
*I love the name of this ability, please leave something of this name in*

Restorative Tea – (must be properly physrepped brewed and drunk), for 10 min after drinking this, so long as they do not engage in any strenuous activity, they heal 1 HP every min. You may not benefit from more than one tea per hour.

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