Basic Skin
A specialist in weaponry and guns; maybe a rifleman, or an airship gunner.

Mandatory phys-reps:
All ranged weapons must be phys-repped using nerf guns, which must be checked by the referee before use.

Costume Suggestion
Uniform of some kind.


Sharpshooters receive the following skills for free (see full list for descriptions):

  • Quick Draw
  • 3x Snipe
  • Weapon Mastery (must be a ranged weapon type) OR Enhanced Damage (one ranged weapon only)

Sharpshooters receive a 25% cost reduction on any Martial ability that enhances the function of a ranged weapon, or any Item ability that applies to a ranged weapon phys-rep.

The Sharpshooter discipline costs 75CP and may not be purchased by any character with 0 Strength.

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