In 1884 Nikola Tesla arrived in the UK. Due his pioneering work in Bio-Electrical field manipulation, aka Teslamological Field Manipulation, he eventually became a British National, was appointed the first Master of the Royal Colledge of Teslamological Field Manipulations. He became a naturalised British citizen and was eventually knighted by her Majesty Queen Victoria for his work.

Nikoli Tesla demonstrated a system for tapping and transmission of electrical power using the backround magnetic fields of the universe - the Teslamorphic Field.
He invented a system using the human body's own magnetic field to set up a potential electrical force, which - when amplified using stored energy - resulted in the discharge of the desired effect.

Nowadays this apparatus has become man-portable, and consists of two primary parts that the Teslamologist utilises to create desired effects -

Voltaic Columns - Used to store energy (what some lay persons would call batteries), measured in kiloTeslas (kT).
Tesla Coils - These are resonant transformers from which the electrical discharge occures. Modern Tesla Coils are approximately 1/2" long and usually mounted on a worn glove or gauntlet.

Mandatory phys-reps

A gauntlet or glove equipped with metal Tesla Coils and other (electrical) equipment including some form of control interface.


Teslamologists receive the following items/abilities for free (see full list for descriptions):

  • Tesla Bolt
  • Tesla Coils
  • Tesla Field Generation
  • Voltaic Column
  • 1 of Tesla Blast, Tesla Touch, or Electroshock Therapy

The Teslamologist discipline costs 100CP, and is not available to non-human characters except Children of Lamarck, or anyone of non-British descent. Teslamologists do not receive a cost reduction on Teslamological abilities.

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