The Game System

GSM = Game System Manager(s) = Jon London. On any rules-related issue, the GSM's word is final.

General System Points

  • Humans have 50HP by default - other races may have more or less.
  • One hit of damage is somewhere between a solid punch and a blow with a club.
  • There are only two types of healing
          • Medic abilities, which only heal you if you are at nearly full health, such as bandaging.
          • Deep Healing abilities which only heal you if you are nearly dead, such as surgery.
  • Weapons may inflict much than one point of damage per blow, depending on their size and type and the skill of the wielder.
  • A new character begins with 100XP to spend on skills and character items and race.
  • First Rule; "Science: It Works". If you have a technical device which genuinely operates and does not break the anachronism rule (see below), it may be used legally in game without any points cost. This includes e.g. binoculars, portable gas lighters, flashlights, locks and lockpicks, anything clockwork, pens, typewriters, LARP crossbows…
    • Anachronism rule: Certain specific technologies are prohibited to preserve the style of the setting. Specifically, this includes visible plastic (excluding LARP-safe weapon phys reps) and any type of LCD/LED screen. Note that a substantial amount of the points award for a game is based on costume, and borderline violations of this rule will significantly reduce the costume award.


See main pages: abilities. Abilities list.

All characters can buy (dis)abilities from a shared list (although some may have prerequisites). Ability purchases must be authorised by the GSM at least 24hrs before a game begins.

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