Unsorted Abilities

May use damage call SUBDUE which inflicts non leathal damage.
Must be purchased seperately for melee and ranged weapons.

A Note on Money
While day to day affairs in Her Majesties Empire are still held in Pounds, Shillings and Pence. It is assumed that players will have enough cash to live comftably.
Many abilities ingame are represented as items and skills, therefore when dealing with these a different denomination is used - The Guinea (originally a gold coin worth a pound and a shilling).
Players will have the oportunity to earn Guineas. A Guinea is not transferable to other currency. However between games 10 Guineas may be exchanged for 1 CP
(Thus when a NPC ingame is offering to pay in Guineas they are offering additional CP for a sucessful task)
Certain trainings and Items will be offered ingame for purchase and will be payable in Guineas. These will then become permanent abilities of the character.
Unspent CP may be traded in for Guineas at a recognised NPC banker, but only at a rate of 6 Guineas per CP (Which if in game may be refered to as Chartered Promisaries)

All new characters start with 5 CP

MCP - award Monster Character Points for monstering. Have some really nice abilities that can only be purchased with MCP.

Retainer: (purchasable up to 3 times, more expensive more times you buy it?)
The Character has a slight/larger/ millionare income (a reason must be given), this is in pounds shillings & pence, not Guineas! (otherwise have a CP break even point…)

Hereditary Noble (Social)

Order of the British Empire (Social)
Must have completed sufficient adventures that aid the Empire (GSM permission only to buy)

Break Item
With 30 seconds tinkering, a character may render an item unusable

Breaking Blow
Requires 5 seconds inspection of an item or used equipment, then may call BREAK with their next blow in combat. This will render the item unusable.

Prestige/Fame (Group)
The Character is well known withinin a group. Other members of the group will know of the character and react favourably.
Sample groups include - Royal Society of Tesmological Engineers, Royal Society of Pharmacutical Procurists, Gentry (country), Common Folk (country), Police,
Duplicable - the more points a character has, the more famous they are.
This may also be taken for multiple groups.

Freelance Journalist
The character occasionally writes for a national newspaper or wireless broardcaster.
Upon post-game submission to the ref of a written article, this may result in the award of up to an additional 5CP. Exceptional articles may result in the award of Prestigue (common folk).

Minor Celebrity
“ You're that chap off the wireless!” most PCs and NPCs will know of your character, and a small biography is put up on this wiki site.

You are in some way an official of the land, be it an army officer, clergyman, policeman etc you have social standing.

Cad (dis-benefit)
You are known to the authorities as having committed crimes in the past. If your character is found to have stolen, or committed a small crime they will get this dis-benefit.

Bounder (dis-benefit)
You are known to the authorities as having committed serious crimes in the past, such as murder. For reasons unknown you have been released but officials will NEVER help you and will treat you with great disdain. If your character murders someone you automatically gain this dis-benefit.

Post-hypnotic suggestion mesmerist only
may give a fairly complicate set of instructions,(30 second limit), to be triggered upon a one word command. the next time that word is mentioned - by anyone - the instructions will come out and the subject MUST obey

Sleeping dart
A special round that may be used in any (nerf) gun that causes 'non-leathal' damage, target will still become unconscious at 0HP, but will not die. This is a biological damage effect. sleep -time may vary.

Lucky (General) base cost: x Duplicable (max 2)
Once per day this may be used in one of the following ways
- You may call LUCKY within 2 seconds of suffering an attack to completely ignore it including any attached effects – you have been lucky and the attack missed you. This includes area effects
- You may call LUCKY to alter the result of a random probability (such as coin toss, dice roll etc) to a favourable result, this must be done in advance of the occurrence

Unlucky (General Disbenefit) Base cost: -x (for the first time this is taken if during character creation, other than this cost = 0) Duplicable
Once per day the GM may invoke this to one of the following
- One attack automatically hits (regardless of whether it missed, was blocked etc). No defences may be used against any effect of the blow (including damage reduction)
- During a TIME STOP move the character to be included in an area effect that otherwise would not have included them
- After it has been determined, alter a random probability (such as coin toss, dice roll etc) such that the outcome does not favour the character

Official Secrets Act (Social) Base cost: (Pre req – Her Majesty’s Service)
The character has signed the Official Secrets Act and occasionally see important documents not released to the public. The GM may give the character additional information on an adventure as a result of secret documents they have read. The character should have good reason to reveal this though.

Invoking the Official Secrets Act (Social) Base cost: (pre req- Offical Secrets Act, Prestige (appropriate government department) 4)
The character may invoke the Official Secrets Act to bind individuals so that it is forbidden for them to discuss an event or information in the name of national security. This must be justified to the characters superiors (GM) post adventure in writing (not less than 100 words). Misuse of this ability WILL result in extremely harsh penalties if discovered by the characters superiors.

May purchase multiple, but only battleboard 2
May not battleboard mix of Legal and Illegal.

Abilities (General):
Qualified Professional: This takes up an empty Discipline slot. May battleboard an additional (2?) Associations. Also between sessions may drop one battleboarded Association in favour of an inactive one. Duplicable
Master Criminal: This takes up an empty Discipline slot. May battleboard an additional (2?) Associations. Also, if Battleboarding Criminal Associations may choose to replace one of these with a Legal Association instead (and vice versa). Duplicable

National Institute of Trained Observers (Legal) Cost:
The Character is a graduate of the National Institute of Trained Observers, and been trained in his observational methods.
Determine Profession (at will)

They may also purchase
Determine Last Meal (at will)
Determine approximate location of residence (at will)
Determine Substance (at will)
Human Lie Detector (3 Innates) – Y/N if knowingly lied in last statement. Duplicable
Fitting the Puzzle (1 innate) – like lucky idea. Duplicable
Knowledge (region)

Royal College of Physicians (Legal)
Has extensive medical training into caring for sick and wounded.
Clinical Care: May care for one person. After 2 min of interaction with them as to their health & wounds etc may initiate a recuperative state. During this any activity beyond minimal (going to the loo etc) will end it. For each full hour that passes, the resting character regains 1 HP.

May also purchase:
Physician Care: Recuperative state now heals 1 HP every 40 min.
Consultant Care: Recuperative state now heals 1HP every 20 min
Ward Expertise: May apply Care to an additional person. Duplicable
Trust Me I’m A Doctor: If wounded NPC accepts an offer of healing from character, they will thereafter consider the doctor a friend (aka Befriend wounded NPC)

Corpse Recovery Specialist (Criminal)
Gains additional CP for recovery of bodies (or part) for experimentation

Fence (Criminal)
Gains additional CP for illegal items

Stockist of Pharmacological Wares (Legal or Illegal)
May purchase Pharmacist Stock at double(?) cost
(Note while can purchase Realign the Vital Humor, still requires the appropriate skill to use)

Extortionist (Criminal)
Intimidate abilities

Innocent (Legal)
Can only be purchased by an appropriate character.
Gains Lucky
May purchase Dodge

Tail (Legal or Criminal depending on backround)
Stealth abilities at discount
Maybe Tail only enhanced stealth stuff?

Results of discussion between Jon & Chris
Several types of armour based on types of attack
vs Physical Melee - Physical armour, (up to) x point reduction for y uses
vs Physical Ranged - Gaussian Shields x % shooting (Kineto-Repulsor Field Technology, commonly called Gaussian Shields after the inventor (think Dune film shields, fast moving things get stopped, slow ones can penetrate))
vs Strange Rays (non physical ranged) - Mirrored Clothing x % reduction
vs all - Agility, flat reduction, gets applied first (ability to get out of the wayt)

CP Awards
several categorys for total award, we need to work out how much we are looking
to award per game, remembering a lot of our abilities cost 20 odd CP, so maybe 50 as average award?
max average
Costume 2x x
Roleplaying 2x x
Sucess in missions x x (everyone gets full marks if mission fully complete)
Sportsmanship x x
(this is basically not being a nob, not goating and not cheating, so everyone should get full marks)
Disbenifit Bonus +/- n (disbenifits get some extra CP at character creation and some extra CP if roleplay the disbenifit completely (i.e they only have one leg and the ref sees them using it to run in character = LESS CP!)(think there should be extra CP earning for disbenifits as it is players deliberately hamstringing themselves roleplay-wise. Perhapse if they take disbenifits to reflect actual disabilities they get slightly less? It's harder for a 2 armed person to play a one armed person than it is a one armed person to play a one armed person…)

Tesmalogical Researcher Discipline Alternaive
Van De Graaffdenator
This is an alternate Discipline to Tesmalogical Researcher.
In an effort to counter the British Empire's monopoly on Tesmalogical technologies, the Confederate States American Robert Van de Graaff has been developing a similar system.
This is purchased in the same way, for the same cost as Tesmalogical Researcher, abilities gained are the same, for the same CP costs.
The restriction "Human, must be of British descent" is changed to "Human, must be of non British descent".
The technology is not as advanced as Tesmalogical, and as such any Tesla abilities used by Van de Graaffdenators cost 25% kT extra.
The physrep required is a gauntlet holding a copper sphere.

Notable Factions

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